Batman: 13 I've Got Batman in My Basement!

Batman is a DC Comics character, and Batman: The Animated Series is owned by Warner Home Video. If you'd like to purchase this episode, you may do so here; if you'd like to buy the DVD box set, you may do so here. The story was written by Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell and directed by Frank Paur.

Deep brass instruments contrast with heavy use of the xylophone to give us a score both ominous and playful. A closet door is open, the light diminishing with each step down.

The moon is high in Gotham's sky, and we pan to the world's toughest looking window cleaners. They stop on a floor with a scintillating egg and proceed to steal it with finesse. Changing out of their jump suits on a nearby rooftop, they stop to remark how easy it was.

The incantation is complete – Batman is summoned! He quips, but before he can get to disassembling criminals, a giant bird knocks him down. (Like they do.)

With a shrug, both mooks run off. Batman is then menaced by a vulture. Clearly they are a greater challenge than alligators. He does his “lay down and kick it over my head with both feet” maneuver, and the bird falls off the building.

Since it's a bird, this is a minor setback. Our hero finds some bird seed as he's collecting his dropped batarang.

We abruptly segue to two kids sitting on a porch. Lil' Rick Moranis – Sherman, in the episode – just got his Junior Detective kit. Just then, a kinder version of the bullies from Stand By Me stop by to give the kid hell.

His tomboy friend Roberta snatches his binoculars back from the bullies in time for him to see the vulture that gave Batman a hard day's night. Scrappy is as scrappy does, so Sherman and Roberta ride off after it. Sherman seems a little too eager.

They follow the bird to a condemned factory. Anxious to appear on a milk carton, Sherman rushes in. Crouching on top of bags full of bird seed, they see the mooks cooling their heels after the robbery.

A giant birdcage rises from below. Inside it is none other than The Penguin!

The Penguin calls the vulture over, gives it a snack, and then demands his prize. The nervous mook gives the world's goofiest facial expression before pulling the egg out of his fanny pack.

Sherman earns his Encyclopedia Brown badge by recognizing the Faberge egg from the heist. The kids are spotted by the vulture before they can crawl away. Before it can swoop down on them, it's entangled in a net.

“Batman!” the Penguin cries as the Dark Knight swings down and grabs the egg from the villain's hand. He then pulls a lever, burying the Penguin and his mooks in an avalanche of bird seed.

Now it's time for the kids to almost die! Because Gotham hates children! Sherman accidentally activates the conveyor belt they're on, sending him and Roberta sliding towards a grinder. Batman grabs them at the last moment and hops them to safety.

He kicks a door open and yells at them to leave. The Penguin hits Batman with some gas from an umbrella, and our hero gasps for breath. Batman limps out of the factory, met by the Batmobile on autopilot. He slumps halfway inside.

Sherman and Roberta run over to help. They nudge Batman, but the Penguin and his mooks see them. He points his weaponized umbrella at them!

Commercial break!

The kids hop in the Batmobile and immediately start pressing all the unlabeled buttons.

Rocket launchers, satellite dishes, and popcorn machines (probably) all emerge and retract. Finally, Sherman pushes a button that turns the tables by releasing choking gas.

The Penguin and his mooks are trying to break in, but suddenly they’re struggling just to hold on as Sherman and Roberta “drive” the Batmobile. After causing about $1.5M in damages to the car and the city, they shake all the villains off.

Batman comes to in the kid’s basement, under a poster of The Joker, no less. The Dark Knight, weakened, mumbles “capsule.” Sherman starts to babble about how our hero isn’t captured. Your reassurances that Batman is safe have purged all the toxins from his bloodstream, hooray!

Batman tries again, but the kids once again misunderstand. In his head, he’s already started apologizing to his dead parents. Speaking of parents, Sherman’s mom arrives. Roberta covers for them by telling her that they rescued Batman from criminals and have him in the basement.


She assumes they’re playing some sort of game and leaves for the store, passing the bullies from before on her way out. They throw a brick at a mysterious clump of boxes, revealing the Batmobile. They hop in.

Sherman arrives and tries to cover, failing miserably. He tells them it’s the Batmobile. They’re incredulous, as if black cars half a city block long covered in armored plating are common.

The bullies discover the antitoxin capsules behind the visor. Sherman’s two brain cells rub together and he grabs the pills. He’s on his way inside when the vulture descends on him!

Commercial break!

He quickly pins himself spread-eagled against the Batmobile. The vulture misses him because it is blind. It makes a second pass, but he evades it again by ducking. (These bird puns are really fowl. I’m sorry.)

Inside, they stuff a pill in Batman’s face. Sherman fights off the bullies when they try to unmask our hero.

The Penguin rolls up outside, having followed his vulture to the house. Roberta tries to call for help but the line is dead. Sherman pulls Batman’s utility belt off (It’s not as creepy as it sound) and they rifle through it. Let’s hope they don’t get a face full of pink eyeshadow!

With a deft flick of his umbrella, the Penguin and his boys roll into the house. The villain starts to smash things because he doesn’t like the bourgeoisie decorating. As a mook falls over an improvised trip wire, I realize this is Home Alone but with an unconscious Batman.

The kids throw some gas grenades down the stairs, marking the thousandth time gas is used as a weapon in this episode. Next, they throw Batman’s sentient bolas at the Penguin, wrapping him up nicely.

Unfortunately for them, the Penguin has dread mastery over “knife”. He frees himself and the children run to the basement. It takes exactly as long as you’d think for the bad guys to knock the door down.

The Penguin snatches his egg and prepares to saw Batman’s head off. The Caped Crusader wakes up with a spinning razor in his face and still manages to crushes the umbrella in his fist. He spends some time throwing the mooks around like ragdolls, before the Penguin charges him with a sword.

Batman grabs for something to defend himself with and comes up with a screwdriver. He does quite the job fencing with it, but trips over something.  

The Penguin looms over our hero, but he’s forgotten something important - when Batman is flat on his back, you’re going to get kicked in the face with both feet. Probably over Batman’s head.

Sherman’s mom arrives. She’s pissed about the mess until she discovers the local vigilante and criminal mastermind in her basement. Batman give her a gravelly “Ma’am” and she swoons. Sherman tries to play matchmaker.

The boy pins up his first two newspapers, celebrating his victory over the Penguin. He gives the former bullies instructions to set up surveillance on a neighbor whose paper has been stolen. Batman watches from the floor level window. His boots look proud of the kids.

End credits. Batman is awesome.